IAKSA English Results

Well done to everyone who fought at the English Championships today, I was roped into judging the Forms section half the time so missed a lot of the action, leaving the coaching in the very capable hands of Master keeling, I’ll update with full results as I get them, but I believe we had 1 Gold from Callum Prince of ECMA in the advanced Light Continous, 1 Silver from Chris at ECMA in the Mens advanced Points, beating Tom Rankin into Bronze spot, and several other Bronze places including Callum Wright from Tigers,  Liam Johnson from Cobra, and Will Harper and Corey Hill  from Ashfield Dragons who both finished 3rd.

The next event will be our own Inter-Club Tournement on Sunday 8th May, at the Manor Sports Centre, Mansfield Woodhouse, a great chance to test the waters for anyone interested in competing, it will be aimed at beginners from Cobra Freestyle, Ashfield Tigers, East Coast Martial Arts and Ashfield JKD. Categories will include Points, Light Continous, Submission Grappling, and Kata/Forms.

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