Results from Inter-Club on 23/10/2011

October 24, 2011


Boys U/130cm  Joshua Wright (Cobra)  Brok Johnson (Dragons)   Dylan Goddard (Dragons)

U/150cm   Liam Giddy (Cobra)   Aston Jones (ECMA)   Josh Scrimshaw (ECMA)

O/150cm   Thomas Allsop (Dragons)   Callum Wright (Tigers)

Girls O/150cm   Paige Nussey (Dragons)   C Wright (Tigers)

Mens U/70kg   Jake Haynes (Dragons)   Dean Kenny (ECMA)   Daniel Morley (Cobra)

U/80kg   Gary Greatorex (Cobra)   Jake Perins (Bad Toro)   Chris Curle (ECMA)

O/80kg   Ethan Chapman (ECMA)   Stuart Hadden (ECMA)   Adam Holloway (Cobra)

Veterns Open   Stuart Hurren (ECMA)   Roy Whitbread (ECMA)

Ladies O/60kg   Linzi Swift (ECMA)   Carrie Whiltshire (ECMA)

Jun Forms   Aston Jones (ECMA)   Josh Scrimshaw (ECMA)

Adult Forms  Dan Brocklebank (ECMA)   Roy Whitbread (ECMA)   Carrie Wiltshire (ECMA)

Weapons Forms   Adam Beniston (ECMA)   Roy Whitbread (ECMA)

Light Continuous

Boys U/130cm   Joshua Wright (Cobra)   Brok Johnson (Dragons)   Brayton Taylor (Dragons)

U/150cm   Liam Giddy (Cobra)   Bradley Goddard (Dragons)

O/150cm   Thomas Allsop (Dragons)   Curt Harbs (Cobra)

Mens U/70kg   Adam Beniston (ECMA)  Andrew Rylls (Cobra)

U/80kg   Dale Flaherty (Bad Toro)   Gary Greatorex (Cobra)   Michael Watling (ECMA)

O/80kg   Adam Holloway (Cobra)   Gary Greatorex (Cobra)


Mens U/70kg   Matthew Buck (ECMA)   Andrew Rylls (Cobra)

U/80kg   Charles Buck (ECMA)   Gary Greatorex (Cobra)

O/80kg   Adam Holloway (Cobra)   Dale Draycott (Cobra)   Stuart Hurren (ECMA)

Medal Count

Cobra   16   (7 Gold, 7 Silver, 2 Bronze)

Dragons & Tigers   11   (4 Gold, 5 Silver, 2 Bronze)

ECMA   15 ( + 7 Forms = 22)   (6 Gold,  5 Silver, 4 Bronze) Forms 3 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze

Bad Toro   2   (1 Gold,   1 Silver)

Next Inter-Club

October 16, 2011

Dont forget the next Inter-club will be at Joseph Whitaker in Rainworth next Sunday, the 23rd of October, doors open at 10am.

Fight Night

October 16, 2011

Well done to Adam ‘Rocky’ Beniston on winning his exhibition fight at the Chris Boughey Fight night in Manchester, he fought and beat a World Champion, losing one round of Light Continouse, but winning 2 rounds of Points, that after doing two demo Forms. His opponant was a very good and tough fighter, so it was a well deserved win. Thanks to Chris Boughey and his team for making us so welcome and putting on a good show.

Latest Black Belts

October 16, 2011

Well done to the Black Belts, Harriett Knowles-Brown 1st Dan, Cameron Ross 1st Dan, Imogen Thompson 1st Dan, Mark Wootton 2nd Dan, Malc Wainwright 2nd Dan and Calum Wright 2nd Dan a good grading, well deserved.

Black Belts

October 6, 2011

Well done to the following students who passed their Black Belts over two days on 1st & 2nd October

Gary Wiltshire 1st Dan TaeKwondo & 2nd Dan Shotokan

Aston Jones 1st Dan TaeKwonDo

Roy Whitehead 2nd Dan Shotokan

Amanda Vernon 1st Dan TaeKwonDo

Chris Curle 1st Dan TaeKwonDo

Adam Beniston 3rd Dan Shotokan

Examiners were Grandmaster D J Dewar 9th Dan (over from Cyprus), Master P Beniston 8th Dan, Sensai W Draycott 2nd Dan and Sensai P Layton 2nd Dan. Master Towers called in briefly to look over the Karate class during the weekend.