2 Responses to BLOG

  1. jake says:

    Phil’s classes are great, would def recommend them to anyone as they are fun and you learn a great deal.

    Liking the new website by the way. Would be useful to have a list of the grading belts somewhere so people can see what they are moving onto next. E.g. 8th kyu = white, 7th kyu = yellow etc.

  2. abmaa says:

    8th Kyu Yellow/White
    7th Kyu Yellow
    6th kyu Orange
    5th Kyu Red
    4th Kyu Green
    4th+ Kyu Blue/White
    3rd Kyu Blue
    3rd+ Kyu Purple/White
    2nd Kyu Purple
    2nd+ Kyu Brown/White
    1st Kyu Brown
    1st+ Kyu Brown/Black
    1st Dan Black

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