Latest Results

ABMAA Inter-Club 15/05/11

Adult Forms

1st Gary Wiltshire (ECMA),  2nd Mario Stockmans (ECMA),  3rd Tom Rankin (ECMA)

Junior Forms

1st Rocco Dambrosio (ECMA),  2nd Aston Jones (ECMA)

Juniors -130cm Points

1st Rocco Dambrosio (ECMA,  2nd Connor Baugh (Dragons),  3rd Brad Waring (Dragons)

Juniors -150cm Points

1st Liam Giddy (Cobra),  2nd Aston Jones (ECMA),  3rd Josh Percival (Tigers)

Juniors +150cm Points

1st Calum Wright (Tigers),  2nd Tom Allsop (Dragons),  3rd Will Harper (Dragons)

Juniors +160cm Points

1st Jake Smith (Cobra),  2nd John Greenham (Cobra)

Mens – 70kg Points

1st Jake Hays (Tigers) {fought Adam Beniston, exhibition bout}

Mens -80kg Points

1st Gary Greatorex (Alfreton),  2nd Kyle Ellis (Dragons),  3rd Chris Curle (ECMA)

Mens +80kg Points

1st Ethan Chapman (ECMA),  2nd Tom Rankin (ECMA),  3rd Shane Stacey (Cobra)

Veterens Open Points

1st Mark Wootton (Tigers),  2nd Gary Wiltshire (ECMA),  3rd Dave Greenham (Cobra)

Ladies Open Points

1st Lynsey Swift (ECMA),  2nd Kimberley Keeling (Tigers),  3rd Sam Draycott (Alfreton)

Junior -130 Light Continuouse

1st Luke Sheppard (Dragons),  2nd Rocco Dambrosio (ECMA),  3rd Michael Greenham (Cobra)

Mens -80kg Light Continuouse

1st Kyle Ellis (Dragons),  2nd Gary Greatorex (Alfreton),  3rd Kev Anderson (Cobra)

Mens +80kg Light Continuouse

1st Shane Stacey (Cobra),  2nd Gordon Clarke (Cobra),  3rd Dale Draycott (Alfreton)

IASKA SEDITION LEAGUE  20/02/11 Ilkeston, Notts

Tom Rankin 3x2min rounds Won 3 rounds

Chantelle Goodwin 3x2min rounds won 3 rounds

Adam Beniston 3x2min rounds won 3 rounds

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