Dipped Foam Sparring Gloves (Blitz) £20.00

Dipped Foam Sparring Boots (Blitz) £20.00

Sparring Helmet (Blitz) £20.00

Dipped Foam Shin Pads (Blitz) £13.00

Cotton Shin Pads £9.00


Groin Guards £6.50

Gum Shields £2.00


Hand Wraps £5.00


T-Shirts 2 Colour vinyle print £12.00/£15.00


Kickboxing Polycotton Trousers £13.00/£15.00


Sweat Shirts 2 Colour vinyle print £20.00


Syllabus Books (Cobra Freestyle Kickboxing) £5.00

Embroided ABMAA Badges £4.00


Licence/Insurance £20.00 annually





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