Chief Instructor


8th Dan Masters Degree Freestyle Kickboxing /////////
(graded to 3rd by 5 x world champion Alfie Lewis)
8th Dan in Hwrang Do //////// (Korean Kickboxing)
7th Dan in Combat JuJitsu ///////
4th Dan in Karate ////
6th Dan in Chinese Boxing ////// (Taijiquan)
6th Dan in Tae Kwon Do //////
Coaching Diploma in Combat Ju-Jitsu,  Level 3 Coach in Aiki Jutsu (SCI), also hold belts in several other styles too.
Qualified gym & fitness Instructor

ABMAA Chief Instructor Phil Beniston has studied many different arts over the years, as evident by his vast qualifications.
He began training in 1973 in Wado Ryu Karate under Sensei Mel Perry 4th Dan (at that time the highest graded non professional Karate Instructor in the country), several Months and a few belts later he moved over to Freestyle, training under Black Belt Instructors from Shotokan Karate, Chinese Boxing, Judo and JuJitsu, not taking his Black Belt until 9 years later. He has studied many other styles over the years, always keeping an open mind and looking to improve his own style, taking Black Belts in many styles along the way.
As well as the arts he is a competitive power lifter being  the current UK,  British, European, and 7x World Power lifting Champion, UK,   British, European & 12x World Bench Press Champion, and 5x World Deadlift Champion (2014),  and has broken 248 British, European, and World Records, (59 World Records to date). He is also a highly qualified Gym & Fitness Instructor/Advanced Instructor, and is the British Powerlifting Federation Vice President, and the World Powerlifting Union Treasurer and Records Chairman, and a WPU International Referee.
He has fought in a few tournaments over the years with some success, as most ABMAA club instructors have.
He has trained with some of the countries top Martial Artist Instructors including Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez, Royce Gracie, Alfie ‘The Animal’ Lewis, Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace, Jim Smith, Joe Lewis, Geoff Thompson, Dave Turton, Gary Spears, Vince Morris and Clifton Finley to name but a few.
Phil also spent close to 15 years working as a Doorman, ending as Manager of a large door security company. With this in mind he has some experience of what self defense moves really do work.
In 2003 he was featured  on the Cover of Fighters Magazine, pictured below, and has twice been inducted into the MAI (Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine) Hall of Fame in 2013 for ‘True Grit’ and in 2014 for a ‘MAI Top Fighter Award’.
In 2004 Phil was inducted into the USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame as Master Instructor of the Year (EUSAMAAI). In 2006 and 2013 He was awarded the Mansfield Amateur Sportsperson of the Year Award at the Mansfield Sports Recognition Awards, and the Nottinghamshire Sportsperson of the Year Award at the Nottinghamshire Sports Review of the Year Awards, and in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 he was Ashfield Sportsperson of the Year,and Ashfield Performence coach of the year in 2013, as well as winning the CHAD Pride of Ashfield & Mansfield award in 2012. He was recently (2011) presented with a Civic Award by the local Ashfield District Council (the second civic award he has recieved), and in 2014 he was awarded a ‘Service to Sport’ award at the Ashfield Sports awards. Phil has been interviewed on Central TV 3 times to date, and 8 times on BBC Radio Nottingham and on Radio Mansfield. In 2007 Phil was awarded his 7th Dan in Combat JuJitsu by Grandmaster George T Ross.  He has been made a Director  for the National Bujutsu Council NBJC GB, and a Director of the World Street Combat Systems Organisation WSCSO (Kickboxing/Freestyle). In 2010 he was invited to teach Kickboxing on an International seminar in Monchengladbach in Germany, alongside Instructors from Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Italy and the Czech Republic, at the end of the two day seminar Phil was promoted to 8th Dan in Kickboxing by the organisers Grandmaster Toni Finken Schaffrath 10th Dan and Grandmaster Frank Schneider 10th Dan.  Read Phils latest magazine article in FLEX Here
Phil is sponsored by  Furmanite International   LA Muscle,  NRG Fuel   and LEVEL 1 SECURITY UK LTD.


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