2014 Events

IPL World Championships, Las Vegas 06/11/14

Phil Beniston 90kg M3

1st in Eq Single Bench 195kg  1st in Uneq Single Bench 167.5kg

1st in Uneq Single Deadlift 260kg  2nd in Uneq Deadlift Open class 270kg

WPU European Championships, Coventry 26-30/06/14

Phil Beniston 100kg M3 (Passed International Referee’s exam)

1st in Single Bench 207.5kg  1st in Single Deadlift 260kg

BPF British Championships 27/04/14

Phil Beniston 100kg M3

1st in Single Bench 200kg  1st in Single Deadlift 245kg

2013 Events

WPU World Championships, Holland 15/11/13

Phil Beniston 90kg M3 Uneq Powerlifting (appointed as WPU Records Chairman)

1st Place – Squat 230kg  Bench 162.5kg  Deadlift 267.5kg  Total 660kg

1st in Single Bench 130kg  1st in Single Deadlift 260kg

EPC European Powerlifting Championships, Vienna 21-23/06/13

Phil Beniston 90kg M3 Uneq Powerlifting (appointed as WPU Treasurer)

1st Place – Bench 162.5kg  Deadlift 262.5kg  1st in Single bench 165kg

BPF British Championships 27/04/13

Phil Beniston 100kg M2 Eq Bench Press

1st Place – 200kg

2012 Events

2012 WPF World Championships, Kampen, Holland 02/11/12

Phil Beniston  90kg M2 Unequipped Powerlifting

1st Place – Squat 220kg  Bench 165kg  Deadlift 257.5kg  Total 637.5kg

1st in Single Bench 155kg   1st in Single Deadlift 260kg

Appointed as BPF Vice President

BPF/GPC British Championships

Phil Beniston 90kg Open Powerlifting

1st Place – Squat 265kg  Bench 190kg  Deadlift 250kg  Total 697.5kg

‘Overall Open Champion’ 1st in Bench only 1st in Deadlift only

Next Comp – BPF British Championships 11/08/12

BPO British Championships 22/04/12

Sean Harrison 100kg M1 Bench Only

2nd Place – Bench 190kg

BPF English Championships 18/03/12

Adam Beniston Mens U/67.5kg Equipped Powerlifting

1st Place – squat 150kg   Bench 75kg   Deadlift 150kg   Total 375kg

Phil Beniston 90kg M2 Unequipped Powerlifting

1st Place – Squat 210kg   Bench 155kg   Deadlift 240kg   Total 605kg

Paul Fraine 90kg M1 Equipped Bench Only

1st Place – Bench 130kg

GBPF North Midlands

The first powerlifting competition of 2012 was the GBPF North Midlands Championships, which Adam Beniston lifted in (at the very last moment, he entered on the morning of the meet).

He won his class (the Mens U74kg) with Squat 120kg, Bench 70kg, and Deadlift 162.5kg  for 352.5kg total. Not a bad warm up for the English, well done!

Next up is the BPF/GPC English Championships in Birmingham, lifting from Cobra clubs will be Phil Beniston (Unequipped Powerlifting), Adam Beniston (Equipped Powerlifting),  and Paul Frain (Equipped Bench Press), we will post the results here after the competition which is on 18th March.

WPF World Powerlifting Championships

Palm Beach, USA  8-13/11/2011

Phil Beniston travelled to Palm Beach to lift in the World Powerlifting Championships, winning the 82.5kg class with 250kg-172.5kg-250kg for 672.5kg total, he missed all his 3rd attempts, but still beat US Champion Tim O’Brien in to 2nd place, (3rd Place went to Prince Kennedy Nwampka of Nigeria). following this he weighed in fully clothed to move up to the 90kg class to compete against Russian Champion Valery Poryadin, beating him on the Bench and Deadlift to pick up two more World Titles. Great Britain won the Team event on the Deadlift too, coming second in the Bench Press and 3rd in the Powerlifting (Phil was on all three teams).

Chief Instructor Master Phil Beniston is a Strength Athlete and has been Many times World Champion in the sport of Powerlifting, and its associated competitions, including Bench Press and Deadlifting Championships. He coaches several upcoming lifters including some who also practice Martial Arts, including East Coast Martial Arts Chief Instructor Adam Beniston, and several other members from ECMA. Adam has previously been the Junior English Powerlifting Champion, and has just started competing again, he will be lifting in the UK Powerlifting Championships in September 2011, along with Cobra Instructor Sean Harrison, and senior student Paul Fraine, and Phil will be coaching them as well as lifting himself.

Later in the year Phil will be competing in the WPF World Championships in Palm Beach, USA, and several lifters will be competing in the North Midlands Championships, and at the East Coast Open Competition being held at the ECMA full time centre. Results will be published here at the end of each competition.

BPO UK Championships 11/09/2011

Adam Beniston 67.5kg Open Powerlifting 1st Place

Squat 140kg – Bench Press 70kg – Deadlift 160kg – Total 370kg

Phil Beniston 90kg M2 Powerlifting 1st Place

Squat 260kg – Bench Press 182.5kg – Deadlift 255kg – Total 697.5kg

Aaron Myers 125kg Open Powerlifting 1st Place

Squat 170kg – Bench Press 160kg – Deadlift 220kg – Total 550kg

Paul Fraine 90kg M1 Bench Press 1st Place


Phil Beniston 90kg M2 Bench Press 1st Place


Sean Harrison 100kg M1 Bench Press 1st Place


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